Stour Valley Arts & Music

SVAM - who are we: The Committee

Stour Valley Arts and Music Society (known as SVAM) is run by a committee (see below).

The officers and committee stand for election each year. The annual programme is approved by the committee while suggestions from members at the AGM are fed into the decision-making process.

Programmes are usually fixed at least 6 months ahead of the start of the following Season and sometimes much earlier.

Committee 2019-20

Chairman: Birte Kelly

Hon Secretary: Doreen Weatherall

Hon Treasurer: Martin Favell

Committee Members:  Sara Colquhoun, Richard Evans, John Gamlin, Sally Hepher, Jane Jewell, Coral McEwen.

We greatly regret the loss of our President, Lady Anne Wake-Walker, who died earlier this year.


The next Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on 20 October 2019.